2019-2020 Catalog Summer Update [Archived]

ELT 100 Basic Electricity

(Contact Hours: 2) This is an entry-level course for students with little or no previous electrical training. This course covers what electricity is, AC and DC current, how electricity is generated, magnetism and electromagnetism, Ohm’s Law, how motors and relays work, and how basic electronic devices operate. This course is for students requiring only ELT 100 in their program of study or students desiring an electrical technology elective. PREREQUISITE: Writing and Reading -- minimum benchmarks will be enforced; Math -- SAT: 23.5, ALEKS: 14, Accuplacer (Arithmetic): 80, NextGen Accuplacer (Arithmetic): 260, ACT: 18, or COMPASS (Pre-Algebra): 50, or successful completion of MATH 094 is REQUIRED.