2019-2020 Catalog Summer Update [Archived]

ENG 099 Reading/Write:Writing/Read

(Contact Hours: 4) This course teaches students basic writing conventions such as sentence structure, punctuation, and usage and their relation to writing paragraphs, summaries, and short papers. It also teaches students the strategies to build vocabulary and improve textbook reading, such as finding main ideas and supporting details, making inferences, summarizing, evaluating, and synthesizing from one or more sources. PREREQUISITE: Writing -- SAT: 22, Accuplacer: 76, NextGen Accuplacer: 247, ACT: 15, COMPASS: 50, or ENG 078 or ENG 079 is REQUIRED; Reading -- SAT: 19, Accuplacer: 43, NextGen Accuplacer: 235, ACT: 13, COMPASS: 58, or ENG 079, or TRS 096 and either TRS 104 or TRS 105 is REQUIRED; and Math -- minimum benchmarks will be enforced.