2019-2020 Catalog Summer Update [Archived]

Tuition Rates

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Board of Trustees.

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020 Tuition Rates Per Contact Hour

KVCC In-District $110.00
Michigan Out-of-District $189.00
Out-of-State $254.00
International $287.00

Non-refundable general fees and non-refundable usage fees:

  • General fees (applicable to all students registering for courses):
    • $35.00 per semester enrollment fee
    • $86.00 per semester general fee
  • Usage fees (applicable only to those students using specific services/programs):
    • Distance Learning Fee

      An additional per contact hour fee will be charged for any course that requires at least a portion of the class to be conducted online. This includes courses identified as being taught on the web (online) and hybrid (blended) courses that combine classroom and online instruction. The fee for all students will be $26 per contact hour.

    • Repeat Course Fee

      A $200 per contact hour fee will be charged for students enrolling more than three times in the same course. If you wish to enroll in a course you have already taken at least three times, you must see a counselor for permission to register. Please call 269.488.4100 to schedule an appointment.

Books and supplies are additional out-of-pocket expenses. These expenses are not included with tuition charges. Our Financial Aid Department estimates books and supplies costs at $720 per semester for a full-time student. The actual cost can vary based on a student's curriculum and course load.

Tuition due dates can be found at www.kvcc.edu.