2020-2021 Catalog Summer Update [Archived]

MATH 115 Math for the Liberal Arts

(Contact Hours: 4) This liberal arts mathematics course is primarily intended for students who are not majoring in business or science (non-STEM majors). The goal is to give students a broad exposure to a variety of applications of mathematics with an emphasis on developing quantitative literacy so that they may successfully apply math to the world around them. Areas of study include, but may not be limited to, the following: problem solving (problem solving strategies, patterns, inductive and deductive reasoning, probability and counting principles); geometry (area, perimeter, volume and surface area applications, similar figures, measurement); statistics (statistical displays, measures of center, measures of dispersion, measures of relative position); and finance (financial literacy, simple and compound interest, loans, home ownership). PREREQUISITE: Writing and Reading -- minimum benchmarks will be enforced; and Math -- SAT: 25.5, ALEKS: 30, Accuplacer (Elementary Algebra): 40, NextGen Accuplacer (Quantitative Reasoning): 220, ACT: 20, COMPASS (Algebra): 34, or MATH 096 is REQUIRED.