Catalog Winter Update

Graduation Information

Procedure for Graduation

  1. You can access your Degree Works audit via MyValley, under the My Links section to view the list of required courses for your declared program of study, what courses have been completed and applied towards your degree, the semester completed, and the grade you received.

  2. If, after reviewing your Degree Works program, you find discrepancies, call Student Success Services to make an appointment with a counselor at 269.488.4100 (TTC) or 269.373.7834 (ACC) before filing your Petition for Graduation.

  3. To be eligible for graduation, you must meet all of the prescribed course and credit hour requirements for your specific curriculum. Courses below a 100 level do not apply toward degree requirements.

  4. You must complete and submit your Petition for Graduation online before you can graduate.

Requirements for graduation with an associate degree, certificate, or certificate of achievement may be completed during any enrollment period. Commencement ceremonies are held at the end of the fall and winter semesters. August graduates are invited to attend the fall commencement ceremony.

For more detailed graduation procedures and commencement information, click on the Graduation/Petition to Graduate link within your My Links section of MyValley.


You will be granted your college degree or certificate “With Honors” if you have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher for all academic work attempted. Students graduating with honors receive special recognition in the published commencement program.

Assurance of Competence and Quality

Kalamazoo Valley Community College seeks to educate and graduate students of high quality, fully competent to perform the skills specified in their program of study, and in the general education requirements of the college’s degree and certificate programs. Kalamazoo Valley offers assurance to its students, their prospective employers, and transferring institutions that students who receive degrees or certificates with a 2.0 average or better are fully capable of competent performance.

Subject to the conditions of the Assurance of Competence and Quality, students obtaining employment within one year of earning a degree or certificate in an occupational program with a 2.0 average or higher can be expected to perform competently in the area in which they were instructed. Any employer who views a Kalamazoo Valley graduate as not possessing appropriate entry-level skills, and can specify such deficiencies, may request remediation. Upon being granted such a request, the student will be permitted to retake the specified course or courses without payment of tuition or materials fee.

Subject to the conditions of the Assurance of Competence and Quality, students transferring to a baccalaureate degree-granting institution within one year of earning an associate degree in an approved transfer program with a 2.0 average or higher shall possess the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete junior-year courses in the same field of study. The college will, upon the recommendation from the institution to which the student transferred and the approval from the appropriate college official, permit the student to retake a specified course or courses in the areas deemed deficient without payment of tuition or materials fee.