Catalog Winter Update

ENG 110 College Writing I

(Contact Hours: 3) This college writing course will help students become more competent and confident writers. It will enable students to practice and become more skillful in the different stages of the writing process: generating ideas, planning and organizing, rough-draft writing, revising, refining, and proofreading. Students will write a variety of essays totaling a minimum of 18 pages of polished text, including at least one essay that incorporates research. Research skills, such as using the library and following appropriate documentation style in citing sources, will be taught. Other essays may include narrating and describing experiences, summarizing information, explaining an idea or concept, analyzing, and supporting an opinion. Students will improve their grammar, style, and thinking skills and learn how to produce writing necessary for success in further academic and employment pursuits. PREREQUISITE: Writing -- SAT: 25, Accuplacer: 90, NextGen Accuplacer: 260, ACT: 18, COMPASS: 70, or ENG 098 or ENG 099 is REQUIRED; Reading -- SAT: 22, Accuplacer: 53, NextGen Accuplacer: 248, ACT: 14, COMPASS: 65, or EDU 096 or ENG 099 is REQUIRED.