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PSY 150 Introductory Psychology

(Contact Hours: 3) This is a general introduction to the science of behavior. Topics include research methods and data analysis, child development, learning, applied behavior analysis, memory, intelligence, states of consciousness, the physiological bases of behavior, behavioral health, personality, abnormal behavior, and treatment techniques. PREREQUISITE: Writing -- SAT: 25, Accuplacer: 90, NextGen Accuplacer: 260, ACT: 18, COMPASS: 70, or ENG 098 or ENG 099 is REQUIRED; Reading -- SAT: 22, Accuplacer: 53, NextGen Accuplacer: 248, ACT: 14, or COMPASS: 65, or EDU 096 or ENG 099 is REQUIRED. Math -- minimum benchmarks will be enforced.