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Art & New Media

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Art & New Media

Animation & Game Art, AAS

Graphic Design, AAS

Graphic Design, CERT

Illustration, AAS

Illustration, CERT

Multi-Media/Video, AAS

Web Design & Development, AAS


Studio Art, AA

Careers in this pathway are related to humanities and performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These include architecture, graphics, interior and fashion design, writing, film, fine arts, journalism, languages, media, advertising, and public relations.

If you are imaginative, innovative, and an original, creative thinker, this may be a good career path for you. For some careers in this area, a four-year degree is required.

Salary Range (Michigan)

Animator & Multimedia Artist

$13,383 - $74,816

Graphic Designer

$22,657 - $79,769

Web Developer

$22,151 - $96,501

Job Outlook

Although the way in which people consume media is changing, art and communications jobs remain relevant. New opportunities are expected to arise as the number of electronic magazines and Internet-based publications grow. New jobs are expected in the advertising, public relations, and related services and specialized design services industries.

Salary information comes from Emsi/Career Coach