Catalog Winter Update

Cell Tower Technician Academy


Start Dates Contact us for dates
Duration 6 weeks
Cost $3,200
Funding Michigan Works, Kalamazoo Promise, Private Loans, VA Benefits
Job titles Cell Tower Technician, Tower Climber
Starting Wage $15-25 per hour

As cellular telephone networks continue to expand, so do the employment opportunities for cell tower technicians. Cell tower technicians climb the face of telecommunications/cellular towers to install, test, maintain, repair and remove a variety of radio frequency and antenna equipment. Currently there is a critical shortage of cell tower technicians and demand is expected to remain high for the next six to ten years. To meet this demand, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors, is launching the area’s first training academy for cell tower technicians. Training includes safety at heights, fiber-optics, electrical and cell site basics, as well as the opportunity for certification through the National Wireless Safety Alliance upon successful completion.