2018-2019 Catalog Winter Update [Archived]

BREW 170 Fermenting & Finishing Tech

(Contact Hours: 3) Through this course students will gain an understanding of technological design, materials of construction (including pressure vessels), operation and performance of fermenting and finishing equipment, and support equipment from wort-stage through finished bright beer production. Fermenting and finishing equipment discussed will include vessels, pumps, piping, valves, filters, carbonators, refrigeration, CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (sanitization in place) systems, venting and counter pressure systems, measurement devices, electrical components, and computer. Management and handling of fermenting and finishing by-products and waste products will be studied. Business aspects of sustainable fermenting and finishing operations covered will include management, scheduling, and reporting using dashboards. Personal safety and safe operation of fermenting and finishing equipment will be emphasized. Case studies and excursions to local breweries will be included to enable students to assess different equipment installations. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of BREW 130 is REQUIRED.