2018-2019 Catalog Winter Update [Archived]

BREW 225 Brewing Practicum

(Contact Hours: 4) Students in this course gain practical brewing experience by formulating a recipe, selecting brewing materials, producing wort, and packaging finished bright beer. This work includes demonstrating concepts learned to aerate wort, pitch yeast, ferment wort, harvest and manage yeast, and age, carbonate, and filter to produce bright beer successfully. Students plan and perform all operational aspects, including testing, monitoring, equipment operation, and recording analytical measurements throughout the process to ensure that high-quality product is produced. Students are responsible for controlling raw material parameters and support streams, addressing waste and by-products, cleaning equipment, and CIP (cleaning in place). Personal safety and equipment safety is emphasized. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of BREW 140, BREW 150, and BREW 170 is REQUIRED.