2018-2019 Catalog Winter Update [Archived]

BREW 230 Packaging & Distribution

(Contact Hours: 3) Through this course students will gain the opportunity to study beer packaging in bottles, cans, kegs, and casks, including draft systems. Students will learn about technological design and operation of packaging equipment, container unit delivery systems, and systems for unitized, packaged beer. Packaging equipment discussed will include vessels, pump, piping, valves, heat exchangers, CO2 systems, counter-pressure filling machines, pasteurizers, conveying equipment, and casing and palletizing machinery. The management and handling of packaging by-products and waste will be investigated with an aim of promoting sustainable packaging and reducing carbon footprint. Warehousing and distribution channel operations will also be discussed, including scheduling and reporting functions using dashboards. Personal safety and safe operation of packaging equipment will be emphasized. This course will employ case studies and excursions to local breweries to illustrate the US 3-tier beer distribution system and enable students to learn about operations and equipment installations directly. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of BREW 140, BREW 150, and BREW 170 is REQUIRED. Corequisite: BREW 220 is recommended.