2019-2020 Catalog Summer Update [Archived]

PHY 102 Forensic Physics Fundamentals

(Contact Hours: 5) This is a one-semester course that is intended to introduce the non-science major or law enforcement major to the broad concepts of physics through the application of physical concepts in forensic science. It touches on basic concepts from physics, chemistry, and biology, though its major focus is physics. It uses a case-based approach to introduce these concepts through examples such as blood typing, bloodstain patterns, accident investigation, glass breakage, ballistics, fingerprints, chromatography, hair and fiber analysis, drug identification, entomology, anthropology, and forensic engineering. Recommended prerequisite: Writing -- SAT: 32, Accuplacer: 105, NextGen Accuplacer: 285, ACT: 25, or COMPASS: 84, or ENG 110 or ENG 160; Reading -- SAT: 23, Accuplacer: 70, NextGen Accuplacer: 250, ACT: 18, or COMPASS: 80, or TRS 102; and Math -- SAT: 23.5, ALEKS: 14, Accuplacer (Arithmetic): 80, NextGen Accuplacer (Arithmetic): 260, ACT: 18, or COMPASS (Pre-Algebra): 50, or MATH 094. Minimum benchmarks will be enforced.