2019-2020 Catalog Summer Update [Archived]

University Center

Kalamazoo Valley University Center: Get a Bachelor’s Degree on Kalamazoo Valley’s Campus!

In addition to options that enable students to transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree, we have established the Kalamazoo Valley University Center that allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree from a partner university, on our campus - in their desired program, quickly and cost effectively. Agreements made with our partner universities promote the necessary coordination and collaboration enabling our students to achieve their educational goals streamlined to accommodate their personal requirements.

Students no longer have to decide early between making a four-year commitment to a bachelor’s degree versus completing a go-to-work associate degree recognized by industry – they can do both by making the right decision at the right time!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Complete a two-year AA, AS, or AAS degree from Kalamazoo Valley;*

Step 2: Enroll in a bachelor’s degree program through the University Center and transfer your degree as two years of study;

Step 3: Complete years three and four of your bachelor’s degree and graduate with a bachelor’s degree from one of our partner universities.

The process is seamless. Remaining courses are offered through university partners located on Kalamazoo Valley’s campus. In many cases, a third year of study at Kalamazoo Valley’s tuition rates is also possible. Students may enroll directly upon graduation from Kalamazoo Valley or at any time in the future.

DAVENPORT UNIVERSITY will provide the following programs through the University Center:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science, Medical Case Management
  • Bachelor of Science, Network Management and Security
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing (Concurrent Enrollment program)

SIENA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY will provide the following programs through the University Center:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (inverted major)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Community & Human Services with a Family Systems concentration
  • Bachelor of Arts, Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, Professional Communication

*Be sure to check with a Kalamazoo Valley or University Center counselor for program options. In many cases, there are multiple bachelor’s degree options for graduates with a Kalamazoo Valley degree.

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