2021-2022 Catalog [Archived]

Student Services


Having access to required course textbooks and materials is an important part of student success. For your convenience, the Kalamazoo Valley bookstores carry the required textbooks and materials you'll need for every class. For many courses, you'll be able to choose the textbook format and price that suits you best - new or used hardcover books, paperback, or digital books - and selected textbooks are available to rent. Use of online material has increased over the last few years, and the bookstores carry all required access codes for online resources. Also available through the bookstores are uniforms and tools required in certain disciplines. Financial aid can be used in the bookstores to purchase course materials and supplies. 

Merchandise and services easily available at the bookstores are:

  • books: new and used books, access codes, rental books, and digital books
  • supplies: computers and computer accessories, headphones and earbuds, calculators, flash drives, pens, pencils, paper, index cards, study guides
  • course supplies: art supplies, drafting tools, safety glasses, kits for computers, dental hygiene and culinary program supplies
  • backpacks and bags: in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices
  • school spirit items: clothing, travel mugs, stickers, Pop Sockets, and more
  • additional services: stamps, fax service, copy machine, and UPS shipping

Check out our website for current hours, book information, and more!

Texas Township Store (TTC) - inside the flag entrance

(269) 488-4030

6767 West O Avenue

Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Anna Whitten Hall Store (AWH) - inside the Rose Street entrance

(269) 373-7951

202 North Rose Street

Kalamazoo, MI 49007


 Library Header

Kalamazoo Valley's libraries support and enrich teaching and learning. Print, electronic, and audiovisual materials are available, and the professional staff is eager to help you identify and access the resources you need. Librarian assistance, research databases, electronic books, and the online catalog are available 24 hours a day via the Libraries' website

The Texas Township Campus and Arcadia Commons Campus Libraries offer more than 80 online research databases with access to several million journal articles; more than 170,000 books, of which over 110,000 are e-books; over 5,000 audiovisual materials; and, 170-plus periodicals. A current active Kalamazoo Valley ID card is required to borrow materials from the Libraries. Periodicals, reference books, textbooks reserves, and interlibrary loan services are available at both locations. Both libraries offer computers, black and white and color printers, scanners, and coin-operated copy machines for student use. Text enlargers are available for those with low vision and both locations are wheelchair-accessible. The Texas Township Library offers group study rooms, group and individual audiovisual viewing locations, and drafting tables.

The Texas Township Campus Library is located in Rooms 3210 and 8420, with entrances on both floors. The phone number is 269.488.4328.

The Arcadia Commons Campus Library is located in Room 321 of Anna Whitten Hall in downtown Kalamazoo. The phone number is 269.373.7848.

Library hours are posted on the Libraries home page. Contact either library or visit the Kalamazoo Valley Libraries website at www.kvcc.edu/library for more information.

Student Service Center

There are two Student Service Centers at Kalamazoo Valley dedicated to assisting students and visitors: one at the Texas Township Campus located inside the north or “flag” entrance (269.488.4100) and one on the downtown Arcadia Commons Campus at Anna Whitten Hall on the first floor (269.373.7800).

The Student Service Center staff members provide guidance, referrals, and information about the college, services, and facilities. Staff members can schedule appointments for students, including New Student Orientation, Financial Aid, Admissions, Registration and Records, transfer services, Kalamazoo Promise services, career advising, pathway advising, student strengths development, and academic counselors.

Student Identification

Student ID cards may be necessary for the use of the computer labs, testing center, wellness and fitness center, locker rooms, and swimming pool. In addition, student ID cards will be needed for parking validation and door access at our downtown campuses. Faculty may require students to show their KVCC issued ID card as a condition of participation in class.

ID cards are free of charge. Replacement fees are $10 in case of damage, lost, or stolen card.

Kalamazoo Valley ID cards are issued electronically. IDs will be mailed to students following verification of student information and current registration. We produce your student ID card virtually using the Virtual Student Information Center in your MyValley account. Once we verify your information, we will link your photo to class rosters and send your ID in the mail. It may take up to two weeks for you to receive your ID card.

You must be signed up for classes for the semester and tuition must be paid before you will receive your ID. The ID card is active from the first day of the semester a student is registered for to the final day of that semester. This ID is valid for all subsequent semesters that the student is registered.

No person shall possess a Kalamazoo Valley ID that is issued to another. No person shall loan or allow another person to use their ID.

Student ID cards are the property of the college, and may be cancelled or revoked for misuse.

Kalamazoo Valley students, as a condition of enrollment, shall provide their Kalamazoo Valley ID to a Public Safety Officer or Kalamazoo Valley staff member upon request.

Student Success Services

At Kalamazoo Valley Community College, it’s all about you. From academic and career advising to tutoring, mentoring and more than 20 different clubs and activities, Student Success Services has something for everyone. Student success is the ultimate goal, and we're here to help.

Programs and services vary by campus. Call 269.488.4040 or email success@kvcc.edu for more information.

Texas Township Campus

Room 9300


Arcadia Commons Campus

Room 109 (AWH)


Bronson Healthy Living Campus

Room 211 (CAH)



Student Success Services includes the following:

Advising and Counseling


Kalamazoo Promise Services

Learning Center

Library Services 

Office for Student Access

Office for Student Life and Engagement

Prior Learning Assessment

Student Employment Services

Student Internships 

Student Organizations and Activities

Testing Services 

Veteran Services

Advising and Counseling

Assists with pathway advising, course selections, career exploration and planning as well as personal counseling needs.

For more information, call 269.488.4040 (TTC), 269.373.7800 (ACC), 269.548.3300 (BHLC) or email counseling@kvcc.edu.


An industry-driven, high quality career pathway where individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential. The Apprenticeship office assists companies with developing programs specific to their needs; advises employed apprentices on course selection, program policy, and completion; and provides information to students inquiring about apprenticeship opportunities in the skilled trades (electrical, welding, HVAC, EDMT). 

For more information, call 269.488.4040 or email apprenticeships@kvcc.edu.

Kalamazoo Promise Services

Offers academic and student support to Kalamazoo Promise eligible students. Kalamazoo Promise services assists students in successfully completing their academic goals at Kalamazoo Valley and connects them with activities and programs in the community. Students can schedule recurring appointments to stay updated on their academic progress to help ensure successful goal completion.

For more information, call 269.488.4040 or email success@kvcc.edu.

Learning Center

Offers a variety of services to enhance student learning. One-on-one and group tutoring is available, as well as course-specific study groups and workshops. Tutors are available in writing, math, science, foreign language, and business classes and other academic areas both on a drop-in basis and by appointment.

For more information, call 269.488.4397 or email learningcenter@kvcc.edu.

Library Services

The Kalamazoo Valley libraries provide research support to students, offering classroom instruction, database assistance, and citation training. Both the Texas Township Campus and Arcadia Commons Campus libraries feature computer work stations, scanners, copiers, and printers. The Texas Township library has study rooms available. The Library also provides free access to some required course materials, such as textbooks and digital cameras, through Course Reserves. 

For more information, call 269.488.4328 (TTC) or 269.373.7848 (ACC).

Office for Student Access

Provides accessibility and accommodations through advising, course selection, counseling, and advocacy to empower students with learning barriers or disabilities.

For more information, call 269.488.4397, TTD 269.488.4358, or email studentaccess@kvcc.edu.

Office for Student Life and Engagement

Connects students to events, activities, and programs. From meeting with transfer colleges to making a budget to learning about your strengths - this office offers learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Prior Learning Assessment

PLA is the evaluation and assessment of an individual's life learning for college credit, such as education acquired through workplace training, seminars, certificate/license completion, and/or military service. The PLA office will provide consultation and resources for prior learning credits.

For more information, call 269.488.4040 or email success@kvcc.edu.

Student Employment Services

Offers assistance with resume writing, cover letters, interviewing, and employment opportunities. Collaborates with local employers for campus recruiting and pathway specific career information.

For more information, call 269.488.4040 or email careercenter@kvcc.edu.

Student Internships

Coordinates on-the-job learning experiences with organizations for students seeking an internship. Internships are designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom in a work environment and receive college credit for it. Internships may be paid or unpaid. In some cases, for students currently working in a job related to their program of study, the job may be approved as an internship experience.

For more information, call 269.488.4040 or email internships@kvcc.edu.

Student Organizations and Activities

Get connected and experience college outside of the classroom through Student Organizations and Activities. With more than 20 student organizations on campus, including Soccer Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Associate of Information Technology, and Dance Club, students are encouraged to join an existing organization or start one of their own. Fun and educational activities include Cougar Connection, visiting authors and speakers, and financial and personal well-being workshops.

For more information, call 269.488.4825 or email success @kvcc.edu.

Testing Services

Administers tests including placement tests, makeup exams, online testing, exams for college credit, and an assortment of nationally recognized assessments in a comfortable, secure environment with flexible hours. The Testing Center can be used as an alternative to traditional classroom testing with instructor permission.

For more information, call 269.488.4235 (TTC), 269.373.7836 (ACC), or email testcenter@kvcc.edu.

Veteran Services

Serves as the central point of contact for students who have served, or are actively serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Facilitates access to college and community resources as well as a student’s transition to Kalamazoo Valley. A veteran lounge provides a space for student veterans to study, connect, relax, and access veteran-specific resources.

For more information, call 269.488.4970 or email veterans@kvcc.edu.